You ever have days where you feel like nothing is happening. Like you’re just here and that’s it. See we all have days at least once in awhile where it feels like that. You could label it whatever you want from being lazy to bored or perhaps even lonely but it’s really none of those things. The truth is on days like that you are simply neutral.

You’re not sad nor happy. You aren’t excited or depressed. You’re essentially non-emotional. You’ve had these days I’m sure and guess what...they can feel icky or long or just meh….but really they are the best days and here’s why: Something really f&cking good is about to happen in the next few days. Yeah…so you’ve let out all the junk. You’ve released emotions, tears, anger, whatever and now you are here feeling blah. The day is just a day and it feels long and boring but you just spent the last few days or weeks or maybe even months letting all this sh*t out of you. That sh*t? Old feelings and old thoughts and old fears from the old version of yourself. So now you’re all cleaned out…detoxed, if you will; so fresh and so clean and ready for more.

What exactly is that “more”? Whatever you’ve been preparing yourself for, that’s what. Listen: You have to clear out room inside of you to make room for the new you want in your life, right? The only way to make space is to release it. How do you release emotions…you let them flow. You hear them as they leave. We’ve gone over that process before and once they leave they lose their power…their hold over you. They’re gone and you understand them now. You know why you had reactions to them in the past. You know where they stemmed from. Once it’s out of you, you are a newly cleaned vessel ready to take in some new stuff that’ll better serve you. The old emotions left and the new have yet to arrive so you’re in what feels like a purgatory BUT it’s a really freaking good kind of purgatory because it’s the place of neutrality that you feel when you’ve let go of the old and are waiting for the new to show up. So get ready…because the new is about to show up any day now! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am ready for the new!