You know that you can see everything clearly when you stop trying so hard right. Stop forcing and allow the wisdom to flow your way. It will flow your way when it’s the right time. It will flow your way when you’re ready and open to receiving it.

Sometimes we think we’re ready but we aren’t. We’re stuck behind the veil of denial, anger, blame, sadness, hurt. We point fingers or put up walls and proclaim that we have it all figured out or we already know the answers when in truth we’re hanging out in darkness and getting mad when some light pokes through.

Let the light in. Let it shine away some of those shadows. Don’t cling to them. Don’t hang to the feelings of sadness, loneliness, hurt, pain, fear or despair. Don’t cling to guilt. Free yourself from that veil that you’ve placed over your own eyes. Let the sun shine in and help you realize what was once an ugly shadow is actually nothing to be afraid of at all. The moment you realize you’ve been playing make-believe with your own chosen illusions…you’ll open up to miracles and endless power and possibilities! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:I let the light in.