Sometimes getting there isn’t how we envisioned it. But there’s still no need to worry. You’re never being punished. Just the opposite in fact…It’s all HELPING you! That’s a BOLD statement to make, I am aware of that…but there’s a reason for everything.

At some point in your life you asked for something.
You desired it.
You craved it.
You wanted it.

You set the intention…so the Universe set the goal.

Expect nothing. Welcome everything!

Here’s the thing about these goals….they’re already DONE before we see them through.
If it supports our highest good…the Universe and you co-create it before you even experience it in real life.

ahhh…the power of a thought!

So then what happens?
Well…the wheels start turning, the energy starts shifting and you are guided towards that end goal down a route that’ll BEST serve you.

The end goal isn’t going anywhere…it can’t – it’s already done!

But you need to “play catch-up” as I like to say.
You need to experience ‘getting there’ in real-time.
Sometimes getting there isn’t how we envisioned it.

Sometimes…it looks like you’re going in the opposite direction.
Sometimes it just straight up looks unpleasant.

BUT I promise you….it’ll turn around. It always does.There’s a plan in motion.
The Universe has your back.
It knows what’s up.
You can’t see it.
But you don’t need to.
Because all YOU needed to do was ask for what you wanted
And THAT is already done for you.So chill out, breathe, relax and let it all unfold. Even if it looks a bit backwards….it’s all coming together brilliantly for you!


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