Today I had something happen to me. I faced a fear head-on. I faced a fear that I’ve held onto for nearly a decade. I am not sure what inspired me to suddenly be brave today and just say, “F*&k it” but I did. So let me tell you how that went.

We all have fears and limiting beliefs that we subconsciously cling to. We cling to them thinking they’re protecting us from being hurt or let down and disappointed. So we carry them with us thinking they’re shielding us from something when really they’re keeping us from our true selves. They’re blocking us from breaking through to see our true potential. They’re essentially holding us back in more ways than one. Yes the thing you think is keeping you safe is actually hurting you. So this fear of mine reached a point not too long ago where I thought if I just avoided how it triggered me, it would go away. That wasn’t the case. Sure it didn’t bother me anymore, but avoidance was only a bandaid – the fear was still there and still very real.

So today without even thinking about it at all – without planning anything out I just was like, “Well….f*&k it! What’s the worst that can happen.” So I went ahead and stopped avoiding. I went ahead and stood face-to-face with my fear with no weapons drawn. That immediately brought up my normal emotional response. I felt it come over me and instead of panic and attack myself for purposely triggering myself…I sat with it. Yup…I let it well-up inside of me and felt it. Then you know what happened…it went away. I got comfortable with the discomfort and it vanished. The thoughts about it didn’t stick with me after it was over. I didn’t dwell on it the rest of the day. It was suddenly magic. A ten year old fear just went POOF right into the freaking cosmos. And that dolls…is how it’s done. What you placed there you can remove because the power of creation lies in your hands. So I leave you with this one last thought – everything happens when it needs to. I wasn’t ready to release that fear any sooner than today. Don’t force, don’t control, don’t plan…just be at peace with everything. Even the fears…because you’ve only placed them there thinking they’re protecting you from harm and so it is up to you to realize that with love, fear cannot exist. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am at peace knowing one tiny loving thought can blast light into my darkest areas forever.