Sometimes we reach a place in our lives where we have no other choice but to dig deep for that inner strength we’ve buried under old fears. And that’s usually because those old fears surface for one final time and we’re left no other choice but to break-through them once and for all.

This seems to be a common theme lately amongst many of my clients, friends and even with myself. That is sort of what Mercury Retrograde is all about though, isn’t it! Revisiting old sh*t. Reviewing old lessons. I tell my clients to think of it as a pop quiz. You’ve learned this stuff before and unexpectedly the teacher throws out a little quiz to test your knowledge…see what’s fresh in your mind and find out what you’ve mastered. Fears only come to the surface when it’s time for us to face them. We know what to do…it’s the thing we’ve never done before. It’s the thing that scares us the most.

That’s what’s so challenging about overcoming them in the first place, doing the thing you’ve never done, that you’re scared to do that you KNOW you really need to do. You know what’s on the other side of ANY fear? Beauty and abundance and happiness and laughter and peace and whole lot of other cool sh*t. Yes…that’s correct – there is NOTHING scary on the other side. The only “scary” thing is how we are perceiving that thing we need to do and how our ego feels about the unknown. It is our perception that created the fear in the first place and our ego clings to it out of comfort. But if repeating that fear hasn’t brought you peace and happiness. If repeating it hasn’t gotten you what you desire and kept it around. It’s time to let that fear go. Walk into the unknown with confidence by simply loving that fear away. All that fear was, was you misperceiving something thinking it could hurt you. Nothing can hurt you, only your perception of it can. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am simply loving my fears away.