Healing is a beautiful experience. Internal healing is magical. But when you help people heal for a living you witness people often trying to rush the process. As humans we always want things right now but when you are learning to love yourself and value yourself – you need to remember to be gentle and not force it.

I even find myself on occasion trying to force my own understanding or healing and that’s when I let go completely. That’s the moment I step back and just give it all up to God/Universe. We aren’t alone in learning to love ourselves – the silly thing is we’ve always KNOWN how to love ourselves. It’s this “real world” that has provided us with ways to view ourselves very jaded. Whether you’re comparing or doubting or undervaluing…it’s not always easy and so I want you to remember you are never alone.

Often we experience turmoil and then it takes a few days but we start to understand and get clear on the “lesson”. Then there’s this day of just utter joy because you GOT it and now you can heal from that fear or limiting belief. But for some reason the day that follows always brings about this somber, mellow mood of exhaustion, confusion and sadness. That dolls…is your soul closing up those internal gaps that you just filled up with love. My mother works as a Nurse Anesthetist and she has always reminded me when you’re sick or healing, “It gets worse before it gets better.” That bruise on your leg always gets darker before it disappears. That cut on your finger takes time to scab over before fresh skin can form and heal the wound. And for those of you who have been pregnant…it’s fact that those labor pains are pretty freaking bad during labor right before the baby pops out. But the ending is always beautiful! The healing brings about a sense of gratitude and peace and takes you to a new level of your journey. So when you’re in the middle of the process on that somber day…remember that tomorrow the magic appears! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am gentle and patient with myself as the Universe skyrockets me to new magical levels!