Just be open! Be open to what comes next. Be open to whatever God has in store for you. You make life hard when you try to figure it out. Why not leave that thought without punctuation…just in the meantime and see what flows your way? I bet it’ll be amazing. I promise it’ll be beautiful. I guarantee it’ll be exactly what you need.

I find myself at times trying to figure it all out. I’m good at doing that for others – it’s part of my gift…being intuitive and all, but I get stuck while attempting it on myself. I’ve noticed that each time I try I only feel disappointed and yet when I am able to let others know what is unfolding in their lives I get really excited. That only showed me one really important thing – let it go and stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to prepare for it. You’re already prepared, otherwise it wouldn’t arrive yet. You’re always 100% ready for whatever comes your way – it’s only your perception of yourself that disagrees.

But I promise you God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle. You’re never given what you aren’t equipped for. You are prepared for whatever’s next and whatever it is…it’s exactly what you’ve been asking for. That I can guarantee you! It may not show up the way you had planned but it’ll arrive at exactly the right time in the most incredible way possible because that’s simply how God works. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am open and ready for whatever flows my way.