Everything is right on time. Do you believe that? Every single thing in your life is happening at exactly the right time. The moment you have a sudden realization = right on time. The moment you learn that lesson = perfect timing. The moment the pieces seem to fit together = divine time. The moment you recognize the bigger picture = exactly the right time!

There are no mistakes when it comes to God. The divine order is exactly as it should be. I remind myself of this often especially on days where I feel I have 8 pots boiling on the stove and not enough time to pay attention to all of them. I remember that everything that’s meant to get done that day, will in fact get done. The right things will be said. The right moves will be made. The right thoughts will be thought.

Knowing this and trusting this provides a lot of comfort. But truthfully dolls it’s more than just a feel good phrase. Your life IS unfolding the exact speed it’s meant to. Don’t compare it to others. Don’t distinguish what should have happened or where you could be right now. Know that everything that happened…needed to happen. If it didn’t happen you wouldn’t know what you know right now. You wouldn’t be where you are right now. You wouldn’t be WHO YOU ARE right now. You are exactly where you should be and you are going the perfect speed in the perfect direction to get you to your desired destination. Be patient and have faith. You will get there at the right time. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything is right on time.