Let yourself be guided through life. The Universe is using people, places and things to direct your steps and help you along the way all the time. The words people speak to you or around you are potent, listen. The actions people take are often teaching you about yourself, pay attention. We are in a giant classroom and everyone is your teacher!

I can hear some of you now…”That sucks Amy!” “I never liked school and now you’re telling me LIFE IS SCHOOL.” Don’t worry, I never enjoyed school much either but this classroom…this world is actually teaching you stuff to grow you, heal you and help you along the way. Stuff you’re going to use. Stuff you need to hear but might not always want to hear. Everyone is teaching you more about you. That’s right…life is a big lesson in coming “home” to yourself.

You never actually lost yourself, you just started to believe things that weren’t necessarily true. Things that didn’t benefit or serve you. Things that hindered your growth and dampened your spirit. Things that made you dull your sparkle. You were told or overheard things that made you feel powerless or limited rather than powerful and limitless. Because THAT is your divine truth. You’re not unworthy…you ARE worthy! You aren’t lacking anything…you ARE ENOUGH! Let’s just say you filled your house with a whole lot of clutter along the way and it’s time to clean up the mess. It’s time to release what is no longer serving you. Let it go and don’t hold anger towards it – you’re the one that chose it at some point. Just like that ugly sweater in your closet that you bought thinking it would look really good on you – you can’t get mad at the sweater, it is what it is – just let it go and make space for people and things that WILL serve you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I release the old and welcome the new. I trust what serves me will arrive on time.