I keep telling clients when it “looks” really bad, it’s actually really good. This way of perceiving things has changed my entire life. Everything starts in our minds anyhow and if rather than panicking and reacting to sh*t I could find a way to just accept, surrender and trust it all – then I’d stay in that divine flow. I’d be in a state of allowing which makes space for what I truly desire to show up. That’s what this does!

There’s a reason for everything and we aren’t privy to those reasons immediately most of the time, so we have to trust it’s unfolding as it should. That’s difficult. I’ve been talking about trust all week because it seems this subject is potent right now in many people’s lives. There’s a lot of change in the air – with the seasons, the moons, planets, stars, whatever – sh*t is changing and we can either resist it and get aggravated when it happens anyhow OR we can accept it and flow with it and get excited about it.

I choose the latter. I choose to get excited. I wasn’t always able to choose that way. I usually chose resistance. I hated change. But change is good – it’s just getting you closer to what you want. It’s honoring what your soul needs and craves. It’s giving you what you’re worthy of even when you’re trying to cling to something that doesn’t serve you. Now reread that last sentence and feel how powerful that switch of perception is! It’s bringing you what you are WORTHY of! It may be bringing it in a way you don’t fully understand. It may deliver it in an unexpected fashion. It may show up in a different size box but it’s still good. It’s on it’s way. It’s coming! And you deserve it! You are worthy of it! So if the way it gets there appears a little bumpy or off the beaten path…know that you’re probably just getting prepared for something THAT MUCH MORE INCREDIBLE! Because if it’s too easy..it’s never worth it. So what looks bumpy, bad, confusing, hurtful or frustrating is actually really really f&cking amazing! You just have to remember that it’s not HOW it shows up that matters…it’s that it IS about to show up and that’s all you need to get excited for! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I release the details and let it show up how it wants.