Seek joy. Find it everywhere. Search for it in all that you do. It’s your main function. It’s the emotion that puts you in direct alignment with all you’ve been desiring to have. It’s what inspires your spirit and motivates your mind. It jumpstarts your soul and expands your heart.

When you just stop worrying about everything and anything that could happen, should happen, hasn’t happened, might not happen and start just looking for the things that make you happy, everything changes. No…it really does, dolls! Everything freaking changes when you find the joy in your life. Today I found it in the breeze and the trees. I found it in the smile on my dog’s face and in the gratitude in my client’s hearts during their sessions. I found it while looking in the mirror and picking out my outfit. I found it in the food I ate and every breath I got to take.

Joy IS everywhere. The problem so many of us have is we believe we can’t be happy until we obtain what we want. THEN when we get what we want we fear it leaving. So we keep ourselves stuck in this place of despair; I don’t have it yet so I can’t be happy and now I have it and I could lose it so I won’t get too happy about it even being here. That’s a sh*tty way to feel isn’t it? Fearing the other shoe might drop so you sit with your desire in hand and count the days until it might leave you. We have to enjoy what is right now. We have to be grateful for all that was and everything that’s on its way. Sure, sh*t has expiration dates but truly the only things that leave you are the things you want gone. Ha…think about that one for a while! We CHOOSE what we experience. We CHOOSE what we attract. We CHOOSE what stays and goes.  So rather than worry about any of that…just choose to be joyful for all that is and the rest will take care of itself for you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Joy is my main function. By seeking the good shit, I release the bullshit.