Expect nothing but the unexpected. Seriously…allow yourself to get so open to the possibilities out there that you give a giant green light to the Universe to be it’s limitless self. We get so caught up in boxing our desires in. We picture them a certain way, arriving at a certain time and yet we don’t realize by doing exactly that, we limit the Universe from working it’s magic.

Heck…we’re limiting ourselves by doing that. The Universe is full of INFINITE possibilities not LIMITED possibilities! Why box that sh*t into specific shapes, colors and sizes when you can be open to it arriving in a better form than you could possibly think up? Look here’s the thing – the details are none of your business. You don’t have an aerial view of your life and it’s happenings but guess who does? God does. I don’t know about you but I prefer to just hang out with the good feelings; the excitement and joy that I know I’ll feel when my desire arrives and let God handle the rest. Why take on more than necessary especially when I can only see things from ground level?

Open up. Let go of all the questions and just BE with the knowingness that it’s coming. It could arrive any second if you open up that damn box you shoved it into. My mentor always told me never put a deadline on a desire. Now sure there’s plenty of people out there that operate differently but for me who used to operate from a fear-based place…when I restricted my desires to my timeline..they never arrived on time. You know that fear-based energy – that’s the energy that’s coming from a place of lack (lack of love, worth, etc). The energy that makes you say things like, “I need this now because I don’t want to be alone/poor/worthless/living here anymore.” It’s the thoughts that say “It’s not fair” and “Why does so-and-so have that but I don’t?” The less resistance I held around my desires, the quicker they showed up. That’s how energy works dolls! When you pull back, it comes forward. When you push towards it…you shove it in the other direction. So PULL BACK…OPEN UP and LET IT FLOW to you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am open to the infinite possibilities!