Faith is a tricky word isn’t it. It’s something we all want…often think we have…but more times than not feel like we can’t master. Believing in something you know to be true but can’t yet see yet…that’s faith. You know it’s coming, you know it’ll unfold, you know it’s going to happen but all you are going off of is a vision and a feeling.

A feeling of knowingness. A feeling of conviction. A feeling of, “I have no proof or evidence…I just KNOW.” Have you ever felt THAT kind of feeling? But the moment you are so sure of THAT feeling is when your fears emerge. Your doubts pop up and say, “Yeah right…impossible.” They put a f&cking damper on your excitement and joy around that thing you have no proof of even happening but just simply know it will. So the question is…how do you hold onto your faith when those doubts pop up? How do you hold onto your faith when what you see in front of your eyes is completely the opposite of what you feel in your heart will happen?

You remind yourself YOU are the co-creator here…so what you decide is what unfolds. That’s it. So you hang on to your knowingness because you decide. If you’re going to lean into the fears…you’re also making a decision…a decision for it to go THAT way. But you don’t want it to go that way so lean into the joy, the hope, the knowingness, the conviction of what your heart is saying is true. Because whatever your heart says is true…is TRUE. Believe it and receive it. Those fears are ONLY popping up because you are indeed thinking the right thoughts. Fears don’t emerge when you aren’t going in the right direction. Fears ONLY get stirred up when you’re making a breakthrough and releasing old baggage. Your heart knows the way…it never lies. Hang tight to your faith…what you want is about to arrive. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I have faith that my fears are only showing me I'm going the right way.