Reflection; so important right? Gratitude; crucial to feeling happy. When they’re put together…magic happens. Often when you reflect, you feel grateful. Not always immediately but I guarantee you at some point in time during your reflection period…you WILL reach a place of gratitude.

I reached that place today for a lot of things and it was really f&cking empowering. Stuff that while it was happening I was sad or stressed or hurt, maybe even confused….but now can look at clearly and confidently and say, “Thank you God! Thank you because even though I didn’t see it then…I get it now. Had it not happened the exact way that it did, I would have never learned those lessons…so THANK YOU!”

You can’t force this. You have to ride the waves that come with each experience that happens in your life…but when you get here; standing on the mountain with the aerial view of the entire situation….you see everything so much clearer and you can’t help but feel grateful for all of it…every single detail. I’m writing this for you to know that whatever you’re in the midst of right now, you WILL feel grateful for one day and one day soon. Everything is forward progress. Everything is helping you heal, grow, love, trust and become a better version of who you are. But even better…do you know what gratitude does? It shifts everything around magically – it changes entire situations in an instant. I’m not lying when I tell you if in the midst of trouble you can muster up a Thank You…you’ll see some radical sh*t unfold. The reason why? Because God has only made that sh*t unfold to benefit you and the only reason it feels ugly or messy in the moment is because you aren’t standing on the mountain like he is looking at the bigger picture unfolding from the sky. Trust and know it’s all working out for you and if you can’t believe that just yet simply say, “Thank You” and then step back and let the miracles unfold. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything is working out to benefit me. I am grateful for it all!