Nothing happening in your life is happening to hurt you. Those thoughts telling you otherwise are old thoughts, fears and worries. That’s the OLD you. The old version of you doesn’t serve you anymore and that’s why you experience discomfort when things happen and the old reactions surface. They surface because they’re trying to leave your body because they know they don’t belong there anymore but when you feel them it’s familiar. When you feel them, you panic and go…”NO, STOP….not that anxiety again!”

But it’s just saying goodbye and being loud on it’s way out the door. When you react to it and engage with it while it’s trying to leave do you know what happens? It stays. It stays because now it thinks it’s welcome. But it’s not because it’s part of the OLD you and that version of you doesn’t exist anymore. You’ve grown. You’ve healed. You’re better. You’re getting better everyday.

So by recognizing it’s old and realizing that whatever you’re reacting to isn’t there to harm you…you can easily plop back down on the couch and grab some popcorn to observe the internal show. That show? That’s all that old sh*t leaving you for good. No need to figure out why it’s coming up…just let it go. Yeah it’s going to have some words with you before it leaves…of course it is because it doesn’t want to leave. But it knows that it doesn’t belong. It knows you’ve grown so it can’t stick around. So you WILL feel it and you’ll hear it and as long as you just observe it…it’ll be gone. It only stuck around so long because it was once welcome there. That panic, fear, worry, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger was ONCE welcome within you and now it’s not so when something stirs it up to the surface…be grateful and let it leave…because whatever stirred it up only HAPPENED in order to help you let that old feeling go. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My fears leave with ease when I remain at peace.