Have you ever wondered why sh*t isn’t working out for you? The answer is really quite simple: NOT because you didn’t deserve something to work out…because you aren’t allowing it to. You aren’t believing it to. You aren’t trusting it will. You are doubting, fearing, questioning, getting in the way, negating and worrying. STOP.

Wounds can’t heal when you keep picking at them. Energy can’t shift when you’re forcing it. You can’t magnetize sh*t when you’re unconsciously repelling it. STOP. Sometimes you just need to hear that. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you’re the one creating everything that is unfolding for you and if you don’t like it…STOP creating it. In fact…if you don’t like it, create something you do like! Create something that feels good. Create something that makes you feel empowered and free.

Don’t limit yourself to the vicious cycle of old thought patterns in your brain. Create new ones. Does it feel good thinking that thought that says it’ll never happen? (No…never) SO STOP. Does it feel good when you believe ANYTHING could happen? Yes! So think that. It’s simple. And yes…yes dolls, fears are going to pop up when you hop on the positive train because they know they’re losing power over you. So they’re going to pop up once you set the intention to feel better and think better and do better – and if you know that then when they do, they can’t effect you. If I KNOW it’s going to burn when I put my hand on the flame…then if I choose to put my hand there, I cannot be shocked when I get burnt. If you know when you choose to feel good and stop worrying that a fear will probably pop up when you least expect it…then expect it to happen and be 10 steps ahead of the process. Knowing it will emerge helps you maintain your power and peace and that awareness is all you need to overcome anything. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I create my reality in my mind. I choose to focus on what I want to find.