Some people will get mad when you grow. You heard me! PISSED OFF. They might even throw a fit, resent you or step on your progress.

That’s good. You want that.
God my clients hate when I tell them sh*tty looking things are really good…but they are.
Let them be mad. Let them resent you. Let them be ticked off that you are not playing doormat anymore.

What looks bad is always FOR your good.

You have done yourself a disservice AND them one by playing small and with your intention to become the best version of yourself possible you’ve actually allowed them to grow too.

Look…I’m knee deep in spiritual lessons daily. It’s what I do, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. That doesn’t mean sh*t doesn’t piss me off. That doesn’t mean I don’t upset others.
I just recognize it’s all part of the process.
Whether they yell, scream, question my beliefs or attempt to pull me backwards…I just smile and keep going.

My growth helps their growth – whether they want to grow or not.
They get a choice…we all have free will. But the mere experience of you elevating yourself will make them see you through new eyes.

They’ll respect you more, even if they can’t admit it.
They’ll feel your love radiating towards them, even if they are trying to turn the other way.
Just keep doing you. Keep smiling. Keep growing. Keep becoming better than ever before.

It doesn’t matter what they think of you.
It matters what you think of you.
And it matters if you’re demonstrating all the desired traits you wish to receive from them.

The bigger the resistance, the bigger the reward on the other side.

THEM being anyone important to you in life.
Family, lover, friend, partner.
So look at yourself and eliminate outside opinions.

Are you proud of you?
Are you doing what you always wanted to do?
Are you treating others how you want to be treated?
Are you giving what you want to receive?
Are you your best self?
If the answer is YES…keep doing you.
If the answer is I’M NOT SURE…today is your turning point.

From here on out, from this moment forward you are striving to be a better version of yourself. Aligning yourself with the actions, thoughts and words that you are saying you desire to receive.

Want love? Recognize how your entire life is filled with it EVEN if it’s not in the FORM you were hoping for yet.
Want abundance? Notice how FULL your days are with the small things, big things and anything that expands your heart and brings you joy.
We are so SO f&cking stuck on the IMAGE in our mind of what LOVE looks like (a lover) or what ABUNDANCE is (money) that we are missing all the other forms it arrives in. If you keep missing those forms dolls…the form you want takes longer to show up.

SO let go of the image and open up to ALL the ways in which your life is rich and blessed. Focus on how YOU feel…not how others feel about you. If you’re joyful and at peace, then honey you’ve got it made!


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Amy The Life Coach

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