Our natural human response to change is not normally something of excitement or gratitude. Especially if whatever’s changing is unexpected in our lives. Usually we react with shock or disappointment. Sometimes we panic or even get sad. This is just because our ego makes us think we should remain in a constant neutral stance our entire lives. However…that my friends, is impossible.

In life we are constantly ebbing and flowing. Even what looks like a setback is often a lesson or a blessing. It’s merely there to set you up for a comeback. The problem is that it takes us some time to usually realize that or accept that. We try to see it all through our human eyes and all we see is a move in the wrong direction – typically backwards. But dolls…you’re NEVER moving backwards…it’s not possible when you ebb and flow.

Instead of spending all that time trying to figure out why the change happened and what it means – why not just take it with a giant THANK YOU and keep on flowing? I know you’re ego won’t like that idea because it wants you to think you need to suffer – but that “change” is helping you. That change is healing you. That change is giving you a break from something so you have an opportunity to learn. That change is preparing you for something more – something you’ve asked for, something you desire. That change is placing you in the most conducive position for optimal growth! Whoever got pissed off when they were made captain of the soccer team? Or if you got promoted at a job? Did you actually argue with them about getting a larger paycheck, job title and corner office? This is how you need to start viewing change and trust me I know firsthand how hard it is to do that. But if you can see it as the training period for that promotion or a good pep talk from your coach before you take the field as captain – then you will ride that wave of change a whole lot easier and see the blessing in it all. Before you know it, you’ll have embraced the change so much that you won’t even realize how quickly that new change containing what you actually desire is going to appear. Then POOF…there it is! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I say thank you for every wave of change that comes my way. It's all blessing me!