I live on the belief that every single thing is happening for a reason. I remember hearing this growing up but I didn’t fully understand what it actually meant – however there was something about it that was comforting, reassuring and I just simply liked it. Maybe it was just because it sounded good during those teenage years…who knows…but nowadays it’s been proven to me over and over and over again that every single thing IS in fact happening with a very specific purpose in mind.

I used to find myself getting annoyed when plans changed. I was a planner and I liked to know ahead of time what I was doing and where I was going and all the details in-between. I was then put in a position (we could say divinely placed there) where I nannied for a woman who DID NOT plan. She planned nothing and she constantly said to me, “Better stop that sh*t Amy because plans always fall through.” Sure a little rough around the edges but I started to catch on…took a while but I did. So I stopped planning sh*t. I utilize that tactic in my business as well. I may plan some things but mostly I rely on divine guidance and let everything flow my way. The more I started to step aside and just allow things to happen in all areas of my life – whether I “planned” them or not…the more everything seemed to just work out. My mom often says I make everything sound so easy and simple. IT IS! It is most definitely when you TRUST there is a higher power taking care of it all for you.

You stop relying on your own power…which is very very limited. Since this is what I do for a living…it’s my passion and my purpose here – I love watching how divine timing plays out in my own life as well as my client’s lives. I notice how a rescheduled session with a client simply means I, as the life coach and mentor, have something I need to experience, witness or learn prior to seeing that particular client (or vice versa). I don’t get mad, frustrated or pissed off….often caught off guard..I still just allow it to unfold. I encourage you to do the same today. Whatever comes…let it come. Whatever goes…let it go. Watch how when you move out of the way and knock that planning sh*t off…miracles just unfold before your eyes! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I become limitless when I allow it all to unfold exactly how it wants to.