Gratitude is a powerful emotion. It allows you to be thankful for everything flowing your way no matter what it looks like. Sounds difficult doesn’t it? It can be at times if you think things are happening to hurt you. But the truth is nothing happening is there to hurt you…it is just your perception of what is taking place that makes it feel painful.

Sometimes things need to shift, switch, change or flip in order to align everything so that your desires can flow your way. You set those desires. You decided what you wanted and put it out there in that giant, powerful, limitless Universe. It was your intentions and your faith in them that brought about everything flowing your way. Be grateful for that…THAT is how powerful you are!

Even if things don’t necessarily LOOK like they’re happening the way you wanted them to…they are. Even if things look like they’re literally going in the opposite direction…fear not….it’s just setting sh*t up for you. If you’ve ever used a GPS then you know if you plug in the destination…eventually you will get to where you are going. But sometimes you encounter some unexpected obstacles along the way that you didn’t plan for such as extra traffic or weather conditions or even an accident. But you will get there. It may reroute you around some congestion or slow you down when the weather gets bad…but you will get there. You decided what you wanted and that’s exactly the same as deciding the destination you want to travel to. You plugged that sh*t into the GPS simply by desiring it. Now just be guided and be grateful for the straightaways and the detours. It is ALL aligning just so to get you to where you desire to go. And dolls when you’re grateful you enjoy it…and when you are having a good time (no matter what is happening) you get there a whole lot quicker! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for the ride. Everything flowing my way is getting me to where I desire to go.