Reality and perception are two different things. Reality doesn’t need anything from you to be what it is. However how you perceive it is a choice. You can choose through fear or through truth. Truth is knowledge that exists within you. The best way I can explain what this “knowledge” is, is for you to literally ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ 

Who am I answers the question of what filter you are choosing to see life through. Are you of the victim mentality that puts you in a place of fear, anxiety and depression? Or are you joyful and at peace knowing what you deserve and what you’re worth is exactly what you’ll receive no matter what? Trust me when I say that it was not easy for me to answer that question for a long time because my ego fought me hard BUT if I can teach you anything here it’s that you are NEVER the victim dolls!

You are not tiny and vulnerable. You are not afraid and worthless. However it’s up to you to believe that. Not I nor my words here can change the reality you experience because it’s strictly based on what you CHOOSE to believe. The choice you make will be exactly what you see. If you choose limited and lonely…you will experience just that. If you choose scared and rejected…you will witness that. If you choose worthy and irresistible…you will experience exactly that. What are you choosing dolls? The world reflects back to you exactly who you believe you are. Think about it and if you don’t like the story you’ve written for yourself….rewrite it…you hold that power to do just that at any second of the day. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am everything I've ever desired to be.