Pause for a moment and think about everything that happened today. Think about the people you spoke to and the words they shared. Think about the places you went and the situations you encountered – good and bad. Now ask yourself – what is this showing me about me?

Here’s the thing dolls…everything is teaching us something. From the traffic on the highway (patience) to the boss that is super critical of your every move (stop judging yourself). From friends and family always begging you for help or favors (because everytime you say yes to things that don’t serve your happiness, you say no to yourself; ie: neglecting yourself) to that co-worker attacking and accusing you of not being worthy of that promotion (because you think you’re unworthy of good things in your life).

Everyone and everything is reflecting something. You have to turn inward and ask yourself what it is. Once you understand why things happen, you gain clarity and clarity leads to healing! When you heal it…it doesn’t pop up in your life anymore. It’s really quite cool – so the next time sh*t unexpectedly unfolds in your life, know that it’s not meant for harm – it’s just reflecting what you need to learn, focus on, grow from and heal! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The world is my mirror and I use it's reflections to help me grow.