Put it out there. Put it out there and feel good about it. You want to align with the feelings of already having it. I know that’s hard and a little bit confusing when you don’t actually have what you desire yet but trust me when I say it’s what brings you your desires a whole lot faster.

I know you like the sound of that because I always did when I heard it, but the problem is it’s not easy. You want something, don’t have it but you have to feel like you already do? Yup! Want to know how to do it? Align with a feel-good feeling. Any feel-good feeling. Just pick one…one that feels good, really good and align with it. Sometimes it’s too hard to feel that feeling around that thing we want. It seems ridiculous or just silly to “pretend” basically that you already have it. But when you’re co-creating with the Universe the weight is off your shoulders. You don’t to figure anything out except how to feel good RIGHT NOW.

The details are taken care of. The only thing you need to do is focus on feeling good in the present. Find something that makes you smile, feel at peace or laugh. Find something to fill your mind with happiness in the meantime. Because when we don’t have what we desire yet it’s very human of us to feel frustrated, annoyed and impatient. Often we get mad and then all we do is dwell on the fact that we don’t have it yet. But that’s only shooting out the wrong kind of energy. Focusing on lack is only going to attract more lack. But if you focus on feeling good – you are filling yourself with gratitude and abundance. Do you know what gratitude does…it speeds up your desires. So just find something…anything and feel good about it…because the moment you are so emerged in it, is when your desire will appear! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am feeling good right now. The more I feel good, the more I attract feel-good feelings.