Can you rest in the knowingness that all is well? Can you trust it’s all working out for you? Can you believe it’s all going to be ok even when it looks like it’s not? Could you just for one minute sit back and say, “I know it’s all working out for me. Everything will be ok. Everything will be more than ok because it’s always working out for me. In fact, I’m going to see results any day now to prove that when I step aside and let the Universe work, it does some radical things for me!”

I’m sure the above sentence sounds insanely ridiculous to you in this moment. In fact I know it does. Because we are trained as humans to see what is in front of us exactly as it looks. We see it through judgmental eyes. Judgmental eyes that only know labels such as good and bad. So tell me….who exactly decided that losing your job was a bad thing? Who said that having lots of money is a good thing? Who made up the rules? Why are we all hopping on the same bandwagon when the reality is that WE each individually get to decide what is GOOD and BAD for us. 

Stop handing so much power away. Start reclaiming your independence when it comes to your life! You run sh*t for you – that’s just the way it is. No one gets to tell me how I feel except for myself. So if I choose to see good in what others have decided is bad – that’s just because I know how the divine works. I understand that behind someone’s hateful words is someone hurting and so I can respond compassionately but still not allow myself to be disrespected. Rather than taking it personally and attacking back or judging them for what they said. I understand that the lessons for our growth can show up in any form on any given day and so by simply trusting in how the Universe works, we can flow with it all, be it good or bad and let God have his way – which is ALWAYS for our highest good mind you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I detach myself from the fear and align myself with the flow. As I fill up on love, I am always shown where to go.