Life gets a lot easier when you focus on simply feeling good. When you put your attention on the stuff – be it small or large that makes your heart flutter right this very moment; when you stop worrying about all that stuff you can’t control, you send out a huge sign to the Universe that you trust everything is working out for you. That you’re going to be grateful for what you DO have and let everything else be taken care of for you.

Truly it really is that simple. The problem we as humans have is our mind gets in the way. That mind of ours has a tendency to overthink and complicate really simple sh*t and blow it way out of proportion. Ok…so you can’t find a feel good thought about that thing you want. That’s OK…leave it be and focus on something else. If it were that simple though, we’d all do that but the problem we encounter is our mind says, “If I stop thinking about this then it’ll just go away,” OR “If I don’t focus on this then how does the Universe know I want it?”

Let me make this clear: What’s FOR you, will not pass you by. Truer words have never been spoken. Things never show up when you want them anyway because only God knows the perfect divine time for them to arrive. Only God knows when we’re totally and completely ready to receive it and when it’s fully prepared for us. So why stress about it? You don’t need to hold all this clutter in your mind about ALL these things you want and are dying to have but all seem just out of reach right now. Guess what, Abraham-Hicks says it like this, “Notice how the things you focus on lightly just seem to show up.” If you know you’re worthy of it and you said you want it then just leave it alone. It’s coming. That’s why gratitude changes everything because if we throw in a little gratitude practice to this equation then be present, say I’m grateful for all these things you DO have right now and watch how you removing that heavy energy around your desires catapults it towards you. You’re welcome. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I release my resistance by flowing where it feels good and let the Universe handle the rest.