I really just want to simplify life for you in a few brief sentences because we spend a lot of time lacking faith, questioning our path, judging ourselves and playing small instead of seeing everything for what it truly is. So in making this simple for you – I hope it brings you straight back to truth…no matter how far off the path you’ve traveled today.

Be here now. Where you are right now is where you need to be. Where you were yesterday is where you were meant to be. No mistakes were made. No one is just saying it to make you feel better. Divine guidance is at your fingertips but only when you’re present. Synchronicity is the Universe saying YES, you’re going the right way…YES, you’re thinking the right thoughts. Fear is just a giant green light to indicate you’re heading in the direction that serves your highest good.

Stop worrying about it. Stop letting it consume you. What’s meant to be, will be. You don’t need to do much but believe and be yourself. Be you – the glorious, messy version and fall in love with a new flaw, a new quirk, a new imperfection every day. Allow your light to shine and shine bright. If someone questions you or attacks you – see them with love and keep on shining. Trust your journey. Have faith in the path that is before you. It’s leading nowhere bad. Everything you asked for is coming to you and it’s good when we don’t get things the minute we want them – we would never truly appreciate them. They show up when we forget about them – when we’ve found something else to harp on. Free yourself from the inner critic. Forgive yourself for what you thought were mistakes – they weren’t…they helped you get here. Without “mistakes” we wouldn’t grow or heal or learn. We wouldn’t become better versions of ourselves. And realize finally that you are enough – just as you are. This isn’t a path to becoming something else – it’s a journey back home to yourself. It’s realizing that you were never without, you always had it all – you just had to remove the blinders to finally see you were always everything you ever desired to be. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am everything I ever desired to be.