You ever feel like you’re stuck and not moving forward or backwards you’re just there…here…wherever. When we feel this way we often want to resist it, question it, debate it, fight it. We want to know what’s happening and why nothing seems to be happening. You know what I mean.

I found myself doing this today and then I realized that was resistance. I was resisting what is. I was resisting what God wanted for me today. I was fighting the present moment and wondering what more could I do and how could I do it and how could I go about making sh*t happen and happen now. The minute I felt the pressure to DO DO DO…I realized that was my fearful ego popping up. The ego likes action and in case you aren’t aware of it’s antics yet…it also likes force.

When it feels like nothing is happening in your life…that’s when everything is. It’s’s more than ok when it feels like nothing is happening and the only reason it never actually feels OK is because our fears say, “Well if nothing is actually happening that must mean I have to go make something happen.” NO…that’s a sneaky little ego trick. Your spirit knows all is well. So it knows that wherever you are right now is where you are meant to be. It knows what you want and desire. Something is being worked out behind-the-scenes. When you feel that pressure to go and DO more…it’s a huge sign to pause and be present. Your ego will force out of fear. Your spirit will guide you peacefully when the time is right. So when that anxiety pops up putting your mind in overdrive about everything you COULD be doing…it’s only emerging because a breakthrough is underway and the ego feels it approaching and is scared. So this is a way of creating resistance to hold you back. Don’t hold yourself back from that miracle, that breakthrough, that desire. When you feel the force…pause and be patient…SOMETHING is about to take place for you in a big way! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When my fears try to force the flow, I pause and let spirit take control.