With what is happening in the world, there is a lot of negative energy floating around. It might be as simple as waking up with a bad attitude and you have no idea why. Perhaps you’re noticing people attacking others more on social media. Maybe you feel the need to lose your patience on everyone and everything happening today. Please know that however you are feeling…however justified it feels….you are only hurting yourself.

It’s important for us to be aware that when one hurts another, they only hurt themselves. The reason? We are all holistically connected. Doesn’t matter whether you know each other or not. It doesn’t matter where you live and what you do. It doesn’t even matter what you believe. We are all interconnected and so knowing that will help you make more sense out of why when one act of hate happens…it spreads like a virus. It holds true the other way as well though – when one act of love happens….it spreads like wildfire.

What are you choosing to spread? It’s easy to soak up the collective energy right now but do you want to? You do get a choice…you ALWAYS have a choice! Do you want to fuel the hate or do you want to spread the love…EVEN if you feel it’s in a small way. Believe it or not…no act of love is too small. Again whether large or small, it’ll spread. Notice how a tragedy occurs and we all get angry…rightfully so. But then we all come together in prayers and love to help each other. It’s a cycle. This is life. We can skip the whole tragedy part though by not feeding it. I’ve always told you to never feed your fears. What you focus on expands. One small act of feeding the love, peace and light within each and everyone of us will do an immense amount of good. Whatever is in the IV Bag in a hospital when they inject it in you is what is going to flow through your veins and into your bloodstream. It will spread throughout your entire body. Well, imagine being connected physically to every single person on the planet and knowing that you get one choice. Whatever you choose for YOUR IV Bag is what is going to flow to everyone else in the world. What would you choose? I choose love. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Today I get to choose how I feel and I choose love.