Rise above what you feel no longer serves you. Allow the old to fall away. The new makes you feel so much better…doesn’t it? It lights you up and empowers you. The old was evidence of your lack of love. The old was showing you where you needed to step your game up…set some boundaries and up your worth. The old served it’s purpose and that purpose was to prepare you for the new.

So let it go. Let it fade away. We cling so tightly to sh*t but take it from me…clinging only holds you back. Learn to let go and free yourself. Learn to step forward bravely. It’s worth it…I promise you it’s SO worth it. It all only showed up as a test and once you pass the test, the lesson is learned. You no longer need to keep retaking it. You no longer need to study for it. You know the material and now you can easily apply it to your daily life.

The way the lesson was taught no longer matters once the lesson was learned. It can be used as a reference point to remind you of where you’ve been and no longer want to be. It can be used as a way of helping others learn and grow. It can be used to remind you of what you once accepted as your reality because you felt that’s all you deserved. But you’ve grown and stepped your game up. The way the lesson was taught was just another event in your life that happened and that helped you. See dolls…it’s ALL helping you. It’s all always benefiting you. All of it; always. And guess what…whatever it prepared you for is SO MUCH BETTER! This new thing could finally arrive because you rose to a new level….a new level of love, a new level of worth, a new level of value. So this new thing is really going to blow your mind because this new thing is everything you always wanted and knew you deserved….you just had to learn from the old sh*t to see how much you truly deserved the new sh*t! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I thank the old for preparing me for the new.