Isn’t life funny? We go through it constantly wanting things. We want and want and want and most of the time when we get what we want – we’re in such shock we actually got it, we don’t enjoy it. That’s usually because you listen to that little ego voice telling you ‘the other shoe is going to drop’.

You know what I mean…that whole “too good to be true” feeling. The ego makes us fear happiness in expectation for sadness or pain or disappointment. The only reason our ego can operate this way is because we have experienced some sort of disappointment or sadness or pain at some point in our lives and we carry it forward. Our egos think they’re protecting us and yet there’s nothing to be protected from. We project our past experiences, fears, feelings and emotions onto our present – most of the time unconsciously doing it out of  comfort. However in truth, the past is no longer and so you cannot use it for comparison. It was but it no longer is. The only thing that is, is right now.

It’s okay…I grew up hearing the infamous, “the past always repeats itself” mantra too. In fact the past can repeat itself…only if you CHOOSE to let it. It’s a choice. You could also choose to release those old worries that have no power over your life so you can fully live in the present. You could choose to be happy now. You could choose to let what was go and know it needed to happen to get you to this point in your life right now. It was all for a reason. Make friends with it. Don’t hate on it. Don’t yell at yourself when you feel fear brewing up – kindly recognize that your humanly (ego) mind really believes that people want to hurt you all the time – that you really must suffer. It truly believes in attack. Love does not attack fear though – so when you operate from spirit (truth) you can forgive the pain and step forward into real happiness. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to forgive my fears and boldly step forward living fully in the now.