What are you worth? What do you feel you deserve? It is that which gauges how you are treated in your life. It is that which sends out a vibration to others to show you what you are actually feeling within yourself. The tiniest bit of uncertainty….the slightest hesitation WILL be reflected back to you in your life. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in business or finances or relationships. It could simply we around one thing you really desire like a new home or car. In order to match the vibration to align you with what it is you desire…you need to get clear on your worth. Do you feel like you worthy of having a higher paying job? Do you feel you deserve a new car? The answer is always YES…obviously because we are abundant creatures by nature. We are worthy of ALL good things from the Universe – it is only our limiting human beliefs that block us from receiving everything we could ever want all at once.

These beliefs are thoughts like, “Maybe I’m not good enough to have that.” Or “I need to be richer or prettier or smarter.” These thoughts escalate and expand into all areas of our lives and before we know it we’re trying to figure out why the same sh*t keeps playing out the same way. It’s time to own your sh*t. Own the fact that you put some limits on yourself and what you deserve. Own the fact that you doubted you were worth amazing things. You are more than worthy of EVERY SINGLE THING you desire and don’t ever let anyone or any false limiting belief tell you otherwise. Know that you are abundant and beautiful and worthy and more than enough to have what it is you want. The minute YOU believe that and believe with without a single doubt in your mind…that’s the minute you’ll get it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am worthy of everything I desire!