As humans we encounter situations where we want to control things. We want to control the outcome and the way things happen. But the problem is when you attempt to control you grasp and reach and just try to force sh*t and let’s face it dolls…forcing sh*t doesn’t work. You know what works…relaxing. Relaxing and letting it all unfold the way it wants to unfold. When you relax you just flow and that’s the way energy wants to move. It doesn’t want to be blocked or suffocated…it wants to flow. It doesn’t want to be held back…it needs to keep moving forward.

Forcing sh*t is like trying to jump out of a water slide halfway down. Water keeps moving and you’re on your tube sliding….and everything’s flowing fine but you don’t want to be there on that slide and so you panic and try to claw your way back up. You are now resisting the flow. You’re resisting the way you’re meant to go. You’re resisting the motion of the water. Sometimes when we resist the flow of our lives we jack everything up or at least it appears that way. God’s got a plan and now we’re fighting it because we want it to be and look a certain way. We thought we were helping ourselves but really we were being taken care of the whole time.

If you can move into the mindset that everything that needs to happen is happening and that it’s all ok. That you’ll accept everything that comes your way for what it is and not what you want it to be. That you’ll just deal with what is in front of you and remove your ego-driven expectations…then BOOM you’ve reached a place of neutrality. That’s the place of flow. When you stay in that flow…before you know it sh*t you want and desire just shows up for you with no effort on your part other than you simply relaxed and enjoyed the ride. You leaned back in your tube and rode the waterslide knowing fully well that as long as you don’t resist…that water will keep you flowing all the way down. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I relax and flow wherever I'm guided to go.