Life is so funny…when you stop worrying about things, they all just seem to fall into place. It’s the “human” in us that makes us think worrying might get us somewhere. It’s the “human” in us that makes us think we have some sort of control over what might unfold. But truthfully our worries, doubts and fears about what could happen are just delaying what wants to happen FOR us.

My friend and I were chatting on the topic of faith and she said it best like this: It’s like when someone’s trying to plan a surprise for you but you have no idea at all they’re planning it. So you just keep calling them, harassing them to find out why they haven’t answered your messages or when they’ll be home. All the while having no idea what they are even up to and then finally they just tell you to SHUT THE F&CK UP because you’re DELAYING the surprise. 

That’s what we need to do as humans. We have desires, we believe we’ll receive them but patience often starts to run out right (and I mean RIGHT) before your blessing! Rather than questioning, doubting, worrying or fearing – just shut the f&ck up and wait a little longer because you’re miracle is about to show up! Those doubts, fears and worries are only going to delay the outcome. They’re only interrupting the flow of what is heading your way. So breathe easy and know that if you just hold on a little longer, everything you’ve been desiring will arrive in no time! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I do not force, my desires show up sooner.