Keep asking yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this?” It’s something I repeat daily and always have but while watching an old video online today of Dr. Wayne Dyer, he confirmed this by perfectly explaining that “every moment contains a miracle.” And it truly does!

You see for a long time I had an issue with the word “miracle” because far too many believe a miracle is a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive a rare yet necessary blessing. Society always made it sound like it was similar to winning the lottery and that you had to be lucky. We’re all lucky dolls and miracles are not scarce because a miracle is simply put – a shift in perception. When you are able to shift your mind from fear to love…THAT is a miracle.

It’s not something you need to “beg the big guy upstairs for”. You don’t need to wish and pray that you’re the chosen one. You are worthy by just being you. You deserve a miracle and I watch client’s experience them DAILY – yes, daily! Every moment contains one as the late Dr. Wayne Dyer said and the way you find them…ask yourself that question above. No one has been placed along your path by accident – not even the store clerk or the guy pumping your gas that day. Everyone has a message FOR you that is going to benefit you somehow, someway. That’s what “Everything is happening FOR you” means. Every situation, “random” encounter, unexpected event, heartbreak, phone call, stranger, neighbor, lover, friend has something for you that is going to help you with what you have happening right now in your life. Listen closely because when you start to realize there are miracles in every moment of your life…your entire world changes! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am open to the miracle.