Let’s put things in perspective today, shall we! Those things you want so badly, or think you want so badly – they’re not actually the things you want. Let me explain: You’re chasing after a feeling. It’s the feeling you are craving within yourself that you think these things will bring you. And they will but not until you feel the feeling without them! You’ve heard me say many times that you need to get in the energy of feeling like you already have what you want, without actually having it.

That’s because that’s the only achievement you are striving for. The “thing”, be it a person, place or thing is just the physical manifestation of the FEELING you acquire within yourself. Want the romance? Romance yourself. Want the love? Love yourself. Want the abundance? Find what you have right now that makes you feel blessed and grateful. Seek the passion, riches, love within you. You have to switch your brain from thinking you can’t feel these things until your desire shows up into believing you HAVE IT WITHIN YOU ALREADY.

Do for yourself what you are seeking out there. Treat yourself how you are desiring someone else to treat you. Bask in the feelings of happiness, excitement and joy that already exist in your life. Go outside and lay in the grass, soaking up the sun. Make time to just be with yourself in silence and enjoy your own intimacy. Be present in the moment while playing with your pet or a child and notice how they light up at the simplest treasures the Earth provides. Find it in the small things dolls. Sometimes we can’t align with the big feeling. Sometimes it’s too hard. Sometimes it’s too emotional or heavy and so you simplify as I like to tell my clients. Find it in nature or a warm bath. Find it in a funny movie or a good book. Fill yourself up with these magical moments all day and you’ll see the physical manifestation of what you desire show up fast and show up big. And you’ll laugh because it’ll be the moment you don’t feel you’re lacking it anymore! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I have all that I seek within me. When I feel it, I free it. When I free it, I see it!