Sometimes we’re guided to pause. Pause our thinking, our doing, our activities, our writing, our whatever. Today I was guided to pause. I say pause because when you pause something it’s because you plan to come back to it but for whatever reason you needed to walk away for a while. The return is usually indefinite. You aren’t sure how long you’ll be away – it could be seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or more.

When the Universe orchestrates events that cause you to pause, it’s for a reason. Please reread that last sentence. Ok, just one more time. Whether there’s an unexpected event, sickness or injury, distraction, interruption or delay that leads to this pause…please know it was all divinely planned FOR you. That brief break may possibly be teaching you something or making room for something else. It could be giving you a rest in order for other events to rearrange and catch up to where you’re at. Whatever it is…it’s FOR A REASON.

Here’s the thing though: It’s up to YOU to figure out the reason. As humans it’s natural for sh*t to go down and us to sit and dwell on it. Or worse…we complain and harp on the fact that we’ve been stopped from doing something because of X,Y or Z. My PAUSE today was unexpected but gave me the opportunity to get renewed in my spirit. You’d be amazed at how much inspiration gets sparked just by being with yourself and not having to focus on anything – at least for a few hours. It’s natural to want to worry. It’s natural to want to force things to go according to our timeline but if you can learn to sit back and let it all just happen for you – you’ll see so clearly how it’s all working out for the highest good of all involved. So embrace the pauses dolls…they’re good for the soul and they work magic in the spirit! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

What looks bad is always preparing me for something really good. The Universe orchestrates everything in my favor.