Do you know what is way more important than anything else in life? The way YOU feel about YOU. It’s everything. Once you establish a strong foundation for who you are and what you’re worth…truly the other “stuff” we encounter gets a tad “easier”. What I mean is…when you know your value and worth…nothing can phase you, nothing can harm you, nothing can shake you because you simply know who you are!

You deserve greatness. You are worthy of everything in your heart. Unfortunately it’s hard for most of us to believe that. It’s difficult to really know that we’re pretty f&cking incredible and worthy of amazing things. It’s easier to believe the opposite…that we’re worthless, limited and powerless. That we’re meant to struggle, suffer and always feel like we’re just not quite good enough. I’m calling bullsh*t on those beliefs though…and you should too because truly that’s all it is…a belief. You can always CHOOSE to believe something else…something that feels good and allows you to soar.

The truth always feels good. Telling yourself that you’re not good enough does NOT ever feel good. It makes you feel small and out of control. It makes you worry, question, fear and doubt. Being who you are is easy…it doesn’t require effort or overthinking. Not being authentic means you’re trying to force something that isn’t in alignment with who you really are – be it to please someone else or be accepted. When you just BE YOU…with ease and grace and effortlessness…everything falls into place. When you listen to your inner truth and flow where it guides you to go…you shine like a powerful ball of light and magnetize all the wonderful things you desire to you. When you truly OWN all that you really are at your core…then all the insignificant details fall away and you’re left with only truth…only that of which makes you feel amazing! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything comes easily when I am just being me.