You receive what you need each day. Trust it. Even if it’s not what you THINK you need…you need it. Trust it without a doubt. Your life is flowing exactly how it should. The timing is perfect. There should be no doubts…but we know that’s hard to do so find some peace in knowing that the path you’re taking is the BEST way for it to all go.

The way you may think it needs to go isn’t going to benefit you the way this will. The way you planned out will not serve your highest good. That doesn’t meant the outcome will change…the outcome will be what you desire it to be in that moment BUT the path it takes to get there needs to benefit you and everyone else involved. What I mean is…YOU ARE ALL LEARNING FROM IT. You are all growing from this journey. Whether you acknowledge it in the moment or not, you are. Sh*t is happening the way it is happening and it IS helping all of you; it IS teaching all of you individually and collectively something important.

Your way might seem easier in your mind but easier doesn’t always benefit our highest good. Because sh*t that comes easy doesn’t teach us a lot. Sh*t only comes easy when it’s meant to come easy because we’ve already learned that lesson. That’s the stuff that flows right in without a struggle. But the stuff that feels hard…that’s the stuff you are learning from. That stuff is benefiting you. So whatever is happening in your life right now…whatever feels hard or confusing or like a struggle, know that it only feels that way because you need to learn something there. Know that whatever is learned is greatly benefiting you now and in the future. Know that that lesson is crucial to your growth and happiness. Know that it IS serving your highest good and helping YOU become a better version of yourself in each moment. That struggle is in your mind. It’s not really there it just feels like it is. That struggle can be eliminated the minute you step back and say, “This is all OK because it is helping me in some way and I will understand it soon.” The lesson will arrive in due time and when it does you will be so thankful for it because you will see just how greatly it benefited your needs and how it helped you take a giant leap forward towards what you deserve and desire. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am right where I need to be. I am receiving everything I need in this moment.