Why is it so hard for us to do for ourselves what we do for others? I had a dear friend remind me of this today and I’ll tell you what…it hit me HARD. Like hard to where I just cried instantaneously because it was so spot on. See for me it’s very easy to channel spirit for all my clients, friends, strangers, family members, etc. You name it…God just uses me as a vessel and works to me and through me to speak, guide and deliver messages to others. Really…I’m a vessel and I always tell everyone, “Thank God…not me..I’m just serving my purpose here.”

It’s true though…sometimes I’m so chilled out doing it that I don’t even know what’s flowing through me. I’m speaking it…my physical body is the one standing in front of you and as trippy as it sounds explaining this right now…I am merely the messenger. But when it comes to doing it to me and for me, by myself…it’s like I put up a block. It’s not on purpose and it’s not that I can’t do it for myself – in fact I have thousands of times…you just have to learn how. In having this conversation today and having my friend remind me of how powerful I am yet how I second guess myself when it comes to giving myself advice, it hit me – I’m the only one standing in my own way.

Now maybe you can’t relate to this whole channeling messages from the divine thing…but I’m sure you can totally relate to getting in your own way. As my friend knocked me between the eyes with the truth I said to her, “It’s like I’m trying to put together a piece of Ikea furniture and I have the manual but I toss it to the side and insist on struggling and doing it alone.” She said, “Worse…it’s like you have the creator of Ikea furniture standing next to you and you keep yelling at him to go sit down or help someone else.” WOAH! Here’s the thing: We have an entire Universe at our fingertips and even I can forget to tap into it’s amazing power for myself. But when you remember and when you do…incredible, insanely awesome things happen. So ASK for help and receive what God is sending you. You don’t need to struggle. You’re never alone and you darling are ALWAYS worth it. Don’t doubt, don’t dwell and don’t question…turn to the Creator of the Universe and say, “Listen…I’m going to get some lunch while you put this furniture together for me. There’s no reason for me to get in the way when you know the in’s and out’s of how it all fits together!” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My power soars when I step aside and receive from my Source.