Stop asking for so little. You deserve the entire Universe. And the entire Universe is yours. But you need to UP your game. Stop asking for so little when you deserve so much more!

The only reason you keep accepting less than you deserve is because you thought you had a limit on what you could have.

Ask and you shall receive…but first you must believe you’re worth it!
You are so worth it.

So the next time you want more…ASK.

The next time you’re presented with less than what you deserve…say no.
No Thanks…I’ll wait for what I want!

The only reason...

It only changes when you do something different.
You can’t expect a different result from the same thoughts, words and behavior.
You need to do something different in order to receive something different.

So what are you waiting for?

Step out of your comfort zone and expect the unexpected.

Expect your desires to show up.
And don’t worry about how it’ll happen.
Just know that it will.
Because with that attitude ALL things are possible!

Take the limits off of what you want. You CAN have it all and WILL the moment you realize you’re worth it!


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Amy The Life Coach

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