“Why do I think this?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have many times in my life and so I want to share a few things that were once programmed as my default beliefs. These beliefs came from what I heard or was taught. They came from how I interpreted things that were said to me or around me.

Your beliefs shape your life

As author Pam Grout says, “Our beliefs, more than anything else, shape our life experience.” Our framework for our reality was built much before we really knew much about what was even going on or could have a say in it. Pam explains, “Our beliefs, the default setting we inadvertently picked up when we were growing up, are usually served up with a lot of rules, conditions and limits.”

But we aren’t limited creatures.

And so as you grew up and hit speed bumps or roadblocks along the way you probably got frustrated and at times angry – maybe you thought you weren’t smart enough. Perhaps you thought you had to work harder to be happier or earn more money. The list goes on and on but these are just a few examples of our limiting beliefs.

Problem is often we don’t know they exist. But there’s always certain parts of each of our lives we struggle in. Those parts of our lives frustrate us endlessly and we search and search for the answers to breakthrough and succeed and without recognizing it is our own beliefs about the situation causing the pain – we will go on blaming others and/or feeling like we just simply aren’t good enough to have/want/earn/achieve that which we desire.

Life is a thought.

Here’s just a few gems I held onto for a good portion of my life and why simply changing your perception of them will lift the veil to that LIMITLESS amount of power you were blocking out before you realized what was even happening:

Money is hard to come by. It’s scarce and in order to have A LOT of it…you must work really really really hard for it.
Money is energy and it flows to me freely and easily. I earn what I feel I’m worth. It doesn’t matter where I work or what I am doing…as long as I feel good and feel worthy, money will flow my way AND there’s always more than enough!

Don’t worry, you’ll me the right guy/girl some day that’ll save you.
No one can save you. You must “save” yourself – and quite frankly it’s not “saving” it’s “healing”. If you believe you aren’t worthy of love or being loved, you will magnetize those who reflect that feeling back to you. If you believe you are more than enough and deserve the love you show yourself, you will magnetize those who reflect that back to you. Prince/Princess Charming is not waiting in the wings…and all these ex lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends are not “bad” or “evil” – they were only brought to you because you felt on the inside what they showed you on the outside. Change how you feel about you and you change the partners you attract into your life.

Life is unfair. Life sucks…then you die.
You get to choose what you witness in your reality. If you feel like everyone’s out to get you and the world is an evil place then you will bear witness to that. If you believe life is beautiful and abundant and full of love, you will bear witness to that. Your thoughts create your life. It’s all about what YOU believe to be true. If you don’t like the life you’re living….feel free to CHOOSE how you perceive what is happening in a different way. If you take it all in as a lesson, a blessing, some guidance and direction from the Universe itself…you will see that you were never being punished or harmed you were merely being HELPED the entire way through.

I hope this article served you. What are some limiting beliefs you’ve held onto? Share them in the comments below and let’s start a dialogue to release them once and for all!