For as long as I can remember I’ve been comparing myself to others around me. Even when I don’t think I’m comparing, I’m comparing. Even when I intentionally try not to compare, I still compare. As humans we’re prone to looking externally and seeking out what we perceive we’re missing internally. But recently something clicked for me and when shit clicks for me I often feel like it’s a major disservice keeping it to myself.

That and there’s something about writing that soothes my soul. I need to express myself…I crave it and over the years writing has become an easy way for me to gain clarity and share my truths. In doing so, my heart, mind and soul all heal….it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

I also just fucking love how I write. I make myself laugh and often shout that I’m a genius…I’ll share the positives of doing that another day.

So….what exactly clicked in regards to comparing myself to others and why is it powerful enough for an entire blog?

Because it = clarity.

And clarity = breakthrough.

And breakthrough = miracles.

And what you share, you keep…which is why I like to share a whole lot of stuff.

Recently I was paying attention to others I follow online and feeling inspired by their posts but also recognizing that I don’t want to be like these people.

You ever get inspired by others but in the midst of that inspiration you see that you desire a completely different life than what you perceive they have?

So I wanted to sit with that and figure out what was it about their posts that resonated with me and what didn’t. I wanted to get clearer on who exactly I am and what I inspire in others.

I noticed that a lot of people find inspiration in seeing someone living a breathtaking life full of travel and exploration. There’s something about travel that makes people nostalgic to go find parts of themselves in other cultures and countries.

I love travel…but I also traveled a ton while I was younger. I’ve been to Europe twice and lived there and seen enough and yes every time I learn more about myself but as much as fun as it is, I crave having a stationary home, my dog and husband and family and children one day. So I follow these beautiful people with amazing messages and pictures mind you of all the gorgeous places they go and these messages of having faith and being free and yes that all resonates with me.

But then I started comparing how my images aren’t like that. Yes I still travel but I don’t make a living out of it. Yes I have beautiful words and messages of faith and freedom to share but I don’t necessarily have the brightly colored backdrops to drive my  messages home.

Sometimes I simply have my yoga mat and my dog and that’s enough for me.

So what makes me different? What exactly makes me inspiring if I don’t have hundreds of exotic places to coincide with my wisdom and guidance?

Who am I, I thought?

I want you to see that as different as we all are...

I’m the woman who was brave enough to not listen to everyone telling her to get a “real job” and was determined to be her own boss.
I’m the woman who was strong enough to switch paths when she realized the one didn’t resonate with her soul…no matter how deep into that path she was.
I’m the woman who is close with her family and takes pride in the bonds around her.
I’m the woman who loves to explore and try new things.
I’m the woman who is always having fun…even if she’s laying at home on a rainy day reading, writing or watching tv.
I’m the woman who can find adventure in the simple pleasures.
I’m the woman who doesn’t want to travel the world alone and single because she already did.
I’m the woman who knows herself and loves herself and knows exactly what she wants in life.
I’m the woman who inspires through experience.
I’m the woman who can find the deepest wisdom floating on a kayak in the middle of the bay.
I’m the woman who wants to show she’s real. Wants you to see that success doesn’t have to equal owning your own business and traveling the world. That you can follow YOUR heart. That you can be happy with what is.
I’m the woman who doesn’t need or want or desire to live in excess.
I’m the woman who who wants to inspire you to be you. I want to show you that you can have it all…no matter what HAVING IT ALL looks like to you.
I’m the woman who wants to show you that heaven IS a place on Earth and it exists inside of you….not in a tropical environment on the other side of the world….and not in a cloud in the sky.

I am the woman who wants you to know that no matter what the desires of your heart are…no matter how different your dreams are from mine….that you are still just as successful whether you want to fly all over the world or you want to settle down in a small town.

I don’t want you to have limits on your dreams. That is my desire.

I want you to see that as different as we all are….we are very much the same on the inside.

And when I realized what I wanted to convey to you through my words and posts and pictures…I realized now more than ever why I receive messages daily from complete strangers telling me how inspiring I am. Because I inspire me to be a better me daily. And even though I may compare a little from time to time…I love myself through that enough to come back to center and realize…I’m doing just as much as those that inspire me, just through my own light and filter and mind.