I reach this place from time to time where I find myself saying, “I don’t want to know.”

It’s a really nice place to reach…..and no, not for the implied ignorance this statement might initially make you believe.

It actually relates to business. You don’t often see me write or talk about business, but I actually know a hell of a lot about business believe it or not.

Everything you are reading is just reminding you of what you already know on a soul level. (1)

I’ve run my own business for about 8 years give or take combined and for the most part figured this sh*t out myself. Don’t you love when people say that? It’s true however…my first business was a clothing company and I literally Googled my way through building that. After that was under my belt and I decided to dissolve it and switch over to life coaching….I kind of knew my way around.

Business…interestingly enough is a “make your own rules” type game.

I make it up as I go. It’s more fun that way. And I bet if you were to ask most successful business owners, myself excluded, they’d say something awfully similar.

Ok…back to my story…

Today I caught myself in that place again where I was mumbling out loud “I don’t want to know.” It was at a YouTube video I scrolled past on Facebook. The video itself has no bearing on this article other than the fact that it was someone in the same business realm as myself. She talks about some good sh*t but I glanced and said “I don’t want to know” and closed the page.

Why? And why is that so good?

Because I feel no reason to seek outside of myself for answers. I feel no reason to compare. And believe it or not, we all only start reading, watching, following and liking for that purpose and that purpose alone.

Even if it’s not on a conscious level.

[tweetthis]We are grasping outside of ourselves for wisdom we all have within. [/tweetthis]

I noticed myself building up to this point the past week as I was very carefully hiding posts on my Facebook feed because although the posts were really good….I had very little interest in anything anyone was saying but myself.

I know what you’re wondering….“So tell me again why this is good…for my business?”

I’ll break it down for you:

  • You learn more the less you look.
    • Everything you are reading is just reminding you of what you already know on a SOUL LEVEL. Yes…even my sh*t. Every book, webinar, podcast, article, blog, etc, etc, etc is all helping you come back home to yourself. Does anyone else tell you that? No. Do I? Yes….which is why it’s totally acceptable to read my stuff….I’m kidding…sort of..
  • It can be addicting if you don’t consciously choose to stop!
    • And if you get addicted I promise you won’t notice until you’re knee deep in someone else’s 5 steps to happiness list wondering why this sh*t isn’t working for you. It won’t…because it’s their steps that work for them. You need to be guided to what works for you. NOW….on the contrary…can their 5 steps help to poke out your 5 steps…sure….but there actually aren’t just 5 steps to happiness ( I clearly made that up but you’ll understand what I mean in a second)…..Happiness is a choice you make daily and any list that says it’ll get you there is simply not true. It’s a list written for the purpose of clicks and traffic on a website.

Thank me later.

I used to be a paid blogger. So if you need to know how I know this…that’s how I know this. “LIST” articles (re: TOP TEN LISTS etc.) get the most traffic, shares, likes, clicks, etc. LIST articles are exactly what I was contracted to write over and over and over and over again for….video game articles.

(please take a second to laugh)

I know nothing about video games….except Super Mario Brothers…you know the old school gray gaming console that you used to have to blow into those damn cartridges to get the fuckers to work.


That’s all I know. That and my Wii. (I’m 31…get off my jock please).

POINT IS you are reading articles written by people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Now…I’m a coach and a mentor and I get paid to do this and help people but I need to tell people these things because I often get people (not even just clients) telling me about all the books and articles and webinars they’ve watched….and how they’re still unhappy, lost, confused, anxious and sad.

Because none of that matters if you aren’t actually understanding how to heal your wounds. Wounds WE ALL have….including myself…including those people making lists about how to reach your place of bliss. Anyone can walk around labeling himself a coach or an author or a writer or blogger or expert or guru (should I go on)?

But none of us are. We are all individuals working through our own filters trying to navigate and understand life.

And what makes me any different then them? Nothing…except I’ve been trained long and hard by two Russian spiritual mentors for over 10 years to understand and navigate my own wounds and be able to turn them off and hold space and guide people while in a coaching session. That is it. That’s the difference.

I’ve had experience and training and guidance. But I am still a wounded human being like the rest of us operating through life. No one is FULLY enlightened…you with me?

So I am no better or less than you and that is why in business AND in life it’s totally acceptable to say “I don’t want to FUCKING know” when it comes to anything but what your heart is telling you.


Oh…and ps…I’m back to my blogging ways right here….I needed a little hiatus after publishing my book (which you can pick up on Amazon right here )….but oh how I missed my sassy attitude on this page! xo