Your body is always speaking to you…but are you listening? It tells you when it’s uncomfortable and lets you know when something isn’t serving your highest good anymore. Basically it’s constantly saying YES or NO to every little thing you do from your thoughts to your words to who you spend time with, what you eat and what you do.

It speaks to you through feeling. It gives you aches, pains, cramps, anxiety, chills, surges of energy, sparks of happiness and an entire array of sensations that dictate what it’s trying to tell you. Do you know how to read your own body’s language? I bet you never thought of it that way. Your body has it’s own language. We all experience similar feelings at times in different capacities but yours are distinct for you and mine specific to me. No one knows you better than you do. So what is your body telling you and have you been listening?

Does it feel uneasy around certain people or unsure before eating some types of food? Does it get energized when you spend time outside and shut down on you when your day lacks movement? Pay attention because it’s trying to communicate and guide you where you need to go. I am a Reiki Master and combine my energy healing with my spiritual mentoring and life coaching. When I work on people’s chakras (energy points), I can see a clear picture of what is happening inside of your mind. Because what goes on in your brain all day is what then translates to your reality. It dictates what you think, speak and how you feel. It chooses what you’re going to do or not do; all a choice and all decided upon by you and only you. So what have you been doing that doesn’t feel so good? Maybe it’s something that used to work but doesn’t anymore. What did you used to think about that never got you anywhere good that now you realize you should start thinking about more uplifting and positive things? Feel your way through life dolls. Your body is a vessel…merely a shell protecting your spirit. You need to take care of it because inside is where HOME is for you. And thinking about it that way will help you realize that you not only want some good curb appeal…you want strong walls, beautiful decor and updating and renovating where it doesn’t serve you anymore! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I listen to what my body says and treat it as my heavenly home.