Everything is always being orchestrated in your favor. Every single thing is lining up in the cosmos to benefit you. Too woo woo for you? Check this out…if you follow me on Instagram you probably have read about a health problem I’ve been trying to figure out for the past 3 years. I was really hesitant about posting about this because it’s so personal to me and even though I share my truth with all of you on many platforms…I have boundaries and I wasn’t sure if this would be one of them or not.

God gave me strength and direction and I decided to post about it and speak my truth. I’ve been sharing my story for a little bit now and mainly because I knew something miraculous was going to unfold after 3 years of dead ends and blank stares from doctors but I had no clue how or when. I had shared the latest update two weeks ago and suddenly I received a message from an childhood friend I haven’t spoken to in a while. She read my story and said she works for a holistic doctor and believes he can help. We get to talking and I share everything happening and clearly state that I am looking for a test to just simply show that I have an infection in the area I’m experiencing pain and swelling in. Ct scans, MRI’s and Ultrasounds have not determined what the problem is and neither has 6 doctors. She clearly states that she knows what test would do that because the holistic doctor she works for always sends patients for a Thermogram.

This is divine orchestration dolls….ready? Had I not posted my story, she would have never seen my story. Had she not seen my story, I would have never received the wisdom she had from working with this specific doctor to direct me to the exact test I needed to prove there’s a problem and exactly where it is. (feel that….that’s chills!!) Thank God for unexplainable events. Thank God for divine intervention. When you don’t trust….think of this because God is ALWAYS working things out for you and guiding your steps EVEN if it takes some time…EVEN if it looks like nothing is happening…EVEN when all hope appears to be lost and you are banging your head on the wall or feel trapped in a dead end. That’s when you hang tight and trust because when it looks like it’s not at all possible….everything is. That’s when God is about to show you how f*cking powerful he is by intertwining all these unique and mysterious events to work together in YOUR FAVOR. Not only did I get the test done last week but I got the results today that PROVE I have a “significant infection” in the exact area I’ve been telling doctors it hurts. Now I finally have specific direction on where to go next and confirmation on everything I believed in my heart to be true. Yes it can happen for you. No it doesn’t always have to take years but sometimes some things do and that’s ok you know why….because in the end IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT FOR YOU! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everything is being divinely orchestrated for me and is unfolding at the most perfect time in the most perfect way.