Opportunities come when you stop looking. You’re never going to find them when you’re out searching. I know…doesn’t that just go against your entire idea of life and business and the hustle? Oh well. It’s true…stop seeking so the good sh*t can find you!

Let it come to you. Welcome it with open arms. When you run towards it, it runs the other way. That’s how energy works dolls. You need to step back so you can receive. You need to ALLOW it in. Whenever I was a kid and would run into the ocean I’d get knocked around by the waves. I’d run right into them and get tossed down the beach (literally!). That’s because I’m going AGAINST the current. It made it so much harder to get out past the waves while running directly into them.

But have you ever watched a toddler sitting and playing in the sand right near the water? You notice how the tide will gently start to pull them out if they don’t resist? That’s because they’re not running INTO the opposing waves, they’re hanging with the flow and letting it pull them in. It’s the same in life dolls…chill out, breathe and let the tide pull you where you need to go. And you’ll know when you’re in the flow…because it’ll feel good and easy wherever you go! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am allowing life to be easy!