Life is…

A series of events that unfold to teach us things.
“Experiences” is the best word to describe them.

These experiences include people, places and things.

That we assign emotions to.

Those emotions lead us to act and feel certain ways.
And even say and believe certain things.
So those emotions aren’t always representative of the truth.
But in the moments we believe they are.

So you infuse them with energy.
And back them with reason.

And essentially create a whole story with proof and evidence to back it all up.

But that story was created in your imagination.
And you get to choose the ending.
Which only means you’re choosing the plot, characters, dialogue and how the entire book unfolds.

Once you realize who you are, you will realize how much power you hold.So you’re the author.

Why do you keep downplaying your role?
You’re in charge of how it all unfolds.

Once you realize who you are, you will realize how much power you hold.
The author writes the script for how the story goes.

If you don’t like your story…rewrite it.
You can’t blame the characters you chose to create…
It isn’t their fault at all how the story plays out.

If you don't like your story...rewrite it.You added them for many different reasons and if you don’t want them there…you can decide to let them go.
If you don’t like how Chapter 15 plays out….alter it’s course.
But no matter what you do remember…until you see yourself and this life clearly…none of these people, situations, feelings and things that you may or MAY NOT like will ever leave!