What we focus on we bring towards us.

Think of your mind like a vacuum.
Wherever you point it, it doesn’t stop sucking.

Ever aim it right at yourself?
Let’s not act like I’m the only one who has done that.
It starts to suck your clothing right up.

So if you aim your mind towards the things you like, it’s going to suck those up too.

If you aim your mind towards the things you like...

But we as humans have a problem…
We think about all the sh*t we don’t like.

And then worse…
We try to fix it, figure it out, understand it and feel good about it.
I know logically that sounds like a good idea…understanding things and then feeling better about them…BUT it doesn’t necessarily work like that.

“See we live life forwards and understand it backwards.” – @AmyTheLifeCoach (quote me on that)

We live life forwards...

So trying to understand it in the midst of it unfolding doesn’t always work.
I mean that’s kind of what I help people do but that’s my God-given gift.
But LOGICALLY…I cannot even do that for myself in the midst of my own sh*t.
Yup…just like you I have to wait until it all unfolds to FULLY understand why it unfolded.

So here’s what you need to do when things are happening that you don’t like but want to understand:
Remove your attention away from the problem.

Yes…like pretend it’s not even f&cking happening.

And as my 5th grade teacher always had us shout when he’d say PRETEND…”We can ALL do that!”

We can. We can all pretend. So f&cking pretend it’s not happening ok. Pretend it doesn’t exist. 
Yes I want you to ignore “reality” whatever “reality” is for you.
And I want you to focus on what feels good.
Because the problem will never get fixed with your energy infused into it.

The problem ONLY gets fixed when you remove your energy from it.
The more you focus on the problem…
The longer the problem sticks around.

So stop talking about it.
Stop thinking about it. Stop writing about it. Stop praying about it. Stop focusing on it. STOP.

And focus on something that feels good.
Pet your cat. Smell some flowers. Take a SoulCycle class (Warning: you WILL leave happier).

Stay present!

The more you focus on the problem...the longer the problem sticks around.

When you’re present your mind isn’t wandering.
When you’re present focusing on feel good sh*t the problems don’t exist.

And that is life how God intended it.

Peaceful. Loving. Serene. Joyful. Happy.
Sometimes we focus on the problems because it feels more comfortable than not focusing on them.

That’s when I DEFINITELY want you to stop focusing on them.
What feels hard to do is what you need to do for a breakthrough.
I’m just giving you the quick and practical energy tricks here for everyday living.

Focus on feeling good.
You have a problem? Who cares….go try to feel good in spite of it.

Because that shows God that you trust it’s all working out in your favor anyhow!

That proves that you’re operating from a higher place.
A more peaceful and centered place.

Like you’re on top of the hill overlooking the situation and can see it clearly.

And the more you focus on feeling good and the less you worry about the sh*t that doesn’t….the more you create more feel good moments.

Because like attracts like.
That means positive will attract more of itself.
But so will negative.

So like you can totally worry….but you’re only creating more experiences to worry about.
If I were you I’d want to attract more things to feel good about!

So aim your vacuum at the good sh*t.
And leave the bad sh*t behind.
Fuel up on all things that you want to see, feel and experience.
Talk about those. Write about those. Sing about those. Preach about those.

And let them come to you.
Because they will.

Because that’s exactly how this works.