Your path is yours and only yours. Each of us are unique. We’re gifted with these indescribable gifts that God has placed within us to share. My Pastor said something pretty powerful on Sunday in church and it was, “If God’s not shy about being God….why are you shy about being all that you are?”

That stuck with me. Even I find that I hold back at times. Not so much these days from insecurity but more or less the recognition that I am much more than I think I am at times. We don’t see what others see in us. I receive amazingly heartfelt messages DAILY telling me how maybe just one thing I wrote changed their life or completely shifted how they think about themselves. The point is that even I at times don’t realize the impact I am making. It’s like how we know there’s electricity running through the power lines but unless you touch them (which you shouldn’t ever do! lol) you might not know how strong it is.

You just being you is powerful. You make an impact even in your sleep. Seriously, you do! The more YOU that you are…the larger impact you make. I know that might not resonate with you yet so understand this: If you weren’t in this world….we’d be missing a very important piece of the Universal puzzle. God has given you something that NO ONE else has and the only way to access it is to be more of you every day. The best version of you. The most comfortable version of you…that’s the you that isn’t forced or fake. That’s the you that is natural and full of joy and grace. Success in ANY area of your life arrives when you find out who you are and stay there…and learn more and go bigger and become more and more comfortable by the day in being WHO you are. That means withhold the judgment and fear. That means eliminate ANY and ALL external opinion. What the rest of us think about you doesn’t matter. What we think has everything to do with ourselves. What you think about you matters. What you love about you matters. So stop being shy…God is never shy about how powerful and magnificent he is…and you have HIS power IN you…so you might as well start owning it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am powerful. I am significant. I am necessary.