If you could go through life at a slower pace and mindfully choose to reframe every negative thought as it emerges…do you know the amount of blessings you’d instantly receive? That’s not to say that going at your own speed and making some mistakes is “bad” or “wrong” but we always end up coming right back to center anyhow…slowing down, breathing and reframing all that ugliness into beauty.

So why not just start there? Why not choose to observe more and react less. Why not learn to breathe more and freak out less. Why not choose to see every single thing as positive rather than some positive and some negative. Reacting, panicking and labeling never get us anywhere…so why do we always go back to those habits? Because it’s easy. It’s like we keep forgetting over and over that “real life” is just a place we visit for a certain amount of time to grow. We are here to learn lessons…and even though we know this we let ourselves forget it when sh*t goes down.

When you’re standing in a valley and look up…it’s hard to see what’s way above you. Maybe there’s fog or clouds or it’s just way too high…but what happens when you start climbing up the mountain? You start to see everything below very clearly. So how can we see what’s happening on ground level more clearly when we are on ground level too? The answer is simple…you tune in and ask that all mighty Universe above what’s going on. If I’m unable to climb the mountain but I have a friend hanging out up top…wouldn’t I just make it easy on myself and give him a little ring and say, “What do you see a mile ahead of me?” Dolls…we have God accessible to us for a reason…start utilizing him. Trust me when I say it’s no bother to Him how often you ask for help. I occupy his time more than anymore since I literally talk to Him all day long…every single day of the week…365 days of the year. But guess what…he’s omnipresent and super powerful so I can take up his time and here’s my Oprah moment…so can you and you…YOU and you. Ask for what you need…stop trying to figure it out yourself. The more I talk to God, the easier my day flows. The more I talk to God, the more I know where to go and what to do and how to navigate it all and then explain it to you! So stop trying to see through the clouds yourself…speed dial The Dude and ask him what’s up. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I pause and breathe and allow everything I need to be revealed to me.